The full San Pedro river in 3 days

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A unique opportunity to explore the San Pedro river from its birthplace all the way until Valdivia. A trip full of history where you can witness from very nearby the effects of the earthquack of 1960 and its consequent riverblocking. We also pass by a heritage railway and learn that between 1930 and 1960 the river was used for wood transportation by brave raftsmen. It is a real privilege to be in such a stunning, natural environment.

DAY 1: 

From Riñihue lake, the birthplace of the San Pedro river, we start descending in rafts until the “Agroturismo Fundo Los Leones”, in the Malihue sector (6 kilometers before the ferry of San Pedro). This section offers the perfect conditions for the safe practice of rafting thanks to its high watervolume, the low presency of rocks and the very gradual rapids up to an international difficulty of only level III. It’s the perfect opportunity for those without experience in rafting. A beautiful place surrounded by impressive forests and water wells with clear green colors, perfect to enjoy a lukewarm bath.

Boat type: rafting, float

Kilometers: about 28 kilometers

Actual row hours: about 5 hours

Accommodation:  Camping Agroturismo Los Leones, sector Malihue.

DAY 2:

The second day we descent in ducky (inflatable single and double kayaks) from camping “Agroturismo Fundo Los Leones” (between the Malihue bridge and the ferry of San Pedro) until camping “La Chechi” (between Arique and Pishuinco). In this section we descent mainly floating downstream through soft currents and some short rapids of low difficulty (scale 1, maximum 2). We pass by the San Pedro ferry, Los Lagos, Purey, the old ruins of the coal refinery of Pupunahue, Antilhue and her railway bridge that was constructed in the workshops of the Eiffel and the San Javier ferry.

Boat type: ducky (inflatable single or double kayak), and a float for support and security

Kilometers: 43 kilometers

Actual row hours: about 6 to 7 hours

Accommodation: Camping La Chechi, sector Arique.

DAY 3:

the last day we descent in single and double kayaks from camping “La Chechi” (located between Arique and Pishuinco) until the dock ‘Los Castaños’ (Isla Teja Valdivia). In this quiet sector with some sea influence, we pass by Pishuinco, Huillelhue and enter Valdivia through the neighborhoods of Collico and Las Ánimas. We cross the bridges Calle Calle and Pedro de Valdivia, and end at the Los Castaños dock, in the heart of the city.

Boat type: kayak

Kilometers: 24 kilometers

Actual row hours: about 4 to 5 hours


Technique: combination of kayak, ducky and rafting
Difficulty: medium (you don’t need previous experience, but a good physical state is required)
Duration: 3 days
Includes: transport from Valdivia, complete equipment, boats, all meals, campings on the riverside (tent), insurance for accidents.
No. persons: minimal 6 persons
Precio: $180.000 chilean pesos p.p.