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River, here we come!

kayak tour excursiones valdivia

Kayak on rivers and wetlands

Spoil yourself with an experience in contact with nature. Only from a kayak you can explore the real identiy of Valdivia and the incountable rivers in her surroudings. Become one with the river and enjoy the abundant nature around the city.

kayak tour excursiones valdivia

Kayak on rivers and wetlands

Spoil yourself with a full day on the river and enjoy the landscape and the birdspecies that populate the area. For 6 to 7 hours we tour through large wetlands in the southern zone of Valdivia.

kayak tour excursiones valdivia

Rafting San Pedro

A day full of emotions, nature and history in the higher parts of the river San Pedro. 24 kilometers of rafting, from the outflow of the Riñihue lake until the sector Los Leones. An inforgettable experience in a unique river.

excursiones tour kayak lago ranco

Ducky and float on the Calcurrupe river

A trip through one of the most inspiring landscapes of the Region de los Ríos. We float down the river on an inflatable kayak and a float. This quiet river is surrounded by impressive hills and native forests, it starts in the Maihue lake and takes its waters until lake Ranco. Perfect for family trips.

kayak tour excursiones valdivia

Float on the San Pedro river from ferry to ferry

Float in a ducky (inflatable kayak) or on a float, for the youngest of the group or for those who want to enjoy the scenery more quietly. Travel 35 kilometers from the San Pedro river and pass by Purey, Los Lagos and end in San Javier. It’s perfect for those who want to experiment rowing their own inflatable kayak in white waters in a very gradual and secure way, and in a beautiful natural scenery.

kayak tour excursiones valdivia

Chaihuín river: navigate the Valdivian jungle

In this trip we navigate from the river mouth of the river Chaihuín until Cadillal Alto, where we camp in a sector surrounded with native forests. Full nature and disconnection of daily life.

Rio Bueno kayak excursiones tours

River Bueno: nature, adventure and security

The perfect trip for the whole family, touring over the cristal clear waters of the mytical river Bueno. From Puerto Lapi until the city Río Bueno, in a ducky (inflatable kayak) or on a float.

kayak excursiones tours valdivia

The full San Pedro river in 3 days

A 100 kilometers trip to get to know the San Pedro river from its birthplace, the Riñihue lake, until Valdivia. An adventure combining rafting, ducky (inflatable kayak) and kayaking. Everyday another technique.